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Michael Nigro is an award-winning filmmaker, six-time Emmy-nominated writer-director, and multimedia journalist based in Brooklyn, New York.

For well over a decade, he worked in newsrooms and has been a contributor to Getty Video, SIPA USA, AP WIre, and Pacific Press.

His penchant for breaking news and social justice movements has put him at the forefront of some of the most crucial stories of our times including Occupy Wall Street, Standing Rock, presidential elections, Charlottesville, Mexico's immigration crisis, the Yellow Vest Movement in France, Hong Kong's fight for Democracy, The January 6th Capitol Riots, and three assignments in Ukraine, to name a few.


His work has been featured in dozens of publications including The New York Times, The Guardian, Vice, The Intercept, Rolling Stone, and Time, and his video journalism has been broadcast on NBC, HBO, ABC,  CNN, FOX, and Showtime, among others.


His Livestream coverage as a frontline correspondent of breaking news for BuzzFeed News, Truthdig, and other outlets has garnered over 50 million views and counting.


Nigro's production pedigree runs the gamut from the big screen to digital platforms, including hundreds of hours of TV, commercials, branded content, and TED Talks, while his feature films, the Showtime released "American Cannibal: the road to Reality TV" ​and the documentary​ feature "Con Artist" on the controversial artist Mark Kostabi, which Nigro produced, continues to screen internationally.

His 2023 documentary, "Fragments of Ukraine: 5 Stories of the DIY Supply Chain," was distributed in 2023 by Truthdig, and his most recent screenplay "A Talent for Living," is a biopic on the life of the great long-distance Czech runner Emil Zátopek.



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